Terms and Conditions

The Parties agree to retain the services of Glenys Searle as their celebrant according to the following Terms and Conditions:


 “Consumer” means a consumer for the purposes of section 3 of the Australian Consumer Law.

 “Couple” means Party 1 and Party 2 named in the Contract.

 “Contract” means this Service Contract.

 “Booking Fee” means $250 to Save your Date

 “Glenys Searle” means Noosa Sunshine Coast Celebrant Glenys Searle including its employees, agents and contractors etc.

 “Balance” means the remaining cost of the Services after the Booking Fee has been accepted, as specified by Glenys Searle in the Statement of Fees

Total Cost means Booking Fee plus Balance

 “Services” means the services specified in the Statement of Fees.

Statement of Fees means the Statement of Fees supplied by Glenys Searle to the Couple

These Terms and Conditions apply to marriage, elopement, vow renewal and naming ceremonies


Any instructions received by Glenys Searle from the Couple for the provision of the Celebrant Services constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Where more than one Party has entered into this Contract, the Couple will be jointly and severally liable for all payments of the Balance.

On acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Couple, the Terms and Conditions are irrevocable and can only be rescinded in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or with the written consent of Glenys Searle.


Glenys Searle will provide the Services.

Glenys Searle will endeavour to attend at the Ceremony at least twenty-five (45) minutes prior to the Ceremony Time and will leave no earlier than thirty (20) minutes following the Ceremony


Glenys Searle will prepare and conduct a single Marriage Ceremony in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961, or any other ceremony as agreed upon, following the acceptance of the Total Fee.

The Marriage Ceremony will be conducted in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961

In providing the Services, the Couple acknowledge and agree that Glenys Searle is only required to attend at the Ceremony for a minimum of fifty minutes (45 minutes) and a maximum of two (2) hours unless otherwise agreed in writing.

A change of ceremony date, time or location may not be possible and will incur an additional fee and an updated Statement of Fees will be sent to reflect any additional changes over and above our original quote,

e.g. additional guests, ceremony additions, change of location and travel distance or excessive waiting time after the agreed start time on the wedding day or at the rehearsal. This is due to the fact that the quote for your wedding has now expanded to include any of the above.

The Couple will kindly ensure accessible car parking for the Celebrant please

viii. Ceremony Start time: The time stated on the Statement of Fees is the ceremony start time which will be taken as when the arrival of all parties will be in place. This is that the couple will be together at their final place of ceremony and the written ceremony will begin.

 A Marriage Celebrant only requires the couple getting married and two witnesses. If those witnesses are not in attendance the ceremony will still begin on time and two alternatives will be sought. Late arriving guests, bridal party, family, suppliers or another person’s or services non-essential to the legal marriage will not prohibit the start of the ceremony. The time allocated for the ceremony will be maximum 30 minutes from the time stated on the Notice of Intention to Marry form. The ceremony will be shortened, if required, to accommodate this time frame if the ceremony does not start on time. This can include removing non- essential items such as vows, ring exchange, personal story, readings, poems etc.

Glenys Searle reserves the right to leave the Ceremony thirty (30) minutes after the Ceremony Time stated in the Contract if both or either of the Couple have not arrived or the Ceremony cannot proceed for any reason outside of Glenys Searle’s control. In these circumstances, the Couple forfeit all monies paid to Glenys Searle.

If Glenys Searle is unable to perform the Ceremony in accordance with this Contract, for any reason whatsoever including due to an unforeseen accident and/or injury or family circumstance, Glenys Searle will advise the Couple as soon as practicable and make reasonable arrangements for another celebrant to perform the Ceremony.


To advise the Celebrant immediately in writing of any change to the time, date or place of the ceremony. The Celebrant reserves the right to terminate the agreement and retain the booking fee should she be unable to conduct the ceremony due to the change.

If the ceremony is to be changed to the alternative venue due to inclement weather, then one of the Parties is to inform the Celebrant personally by telephone by a time nominated previously by the Celebrant in writing to ensure the Celebrant has sufficient time to travel to the alternative venue.

Notice of cancellation of ceremony must be given to the Celebrant in writing, and the Celebrant reserves the right to retain the booking fee and other amounts paid.


Booking Fee:

The Booking Fee is payable within 7 days of engaging Glenys Searle’s services and the Couple signing and returning the Contract to Glenys Searle. The non-refundable booking fee of $250 (or half the fee for the selected package) is required to secure the couple’s chosen date within 7 days of the issue of the Statement of Fees, after which the booking date becomes available to other clients.

The Booking Fee is always non-refundable as this is considered as payment for securing the date for the couple, work already done and/or lodgement of the NOIM for the Parties. The Booking Fee is non-refundable for any and all circumstances not limited to but including: COVID-19, other pandemics known or unknown, acts of nature, illness, and unforeseen circumstance, termination of the relationship by either of both parties and other reasons not mentioned. It can be transferable one time only to a new date at the celebrant’s discretion providing the celebrant is consulted as to the new date prior to arranging.

After this one free transfer (including due to Covid 19), a further booking fee would be payable. If Glenys Searle is not available on your new date, the booking fee is also non-refundable.

The Booking fee will cover initial preparation, securing the date for you and services rendered prior to the ceremony.


 The Balance will be as indicated on the Statement of Fees.

The couple agree to pay the Celebrant’s fee in accordance with the Statement of Fees provided, namely: a non-refundable booking fee at time of engaging the Celebrant and the balance of fee in clear funds by direct deposit to Celebrant’s nominated bank account, cash or PayPal no later than four weeks prior to the wedding day. Please ensure full balance is finalised 1 month prior to the ceremony as unfortunately the ceremony cannot occur if balance is unpaid. In this case, unfortunately no Celebrant service would be rendered and all monies paid forfeited. The couple acknowledge that if full payment has not been made to the Celebrant in accordance with these terms then the Celebrant will not attend the ceremony.

Any refund of any paid fee is solely at the discretion of the Celebrant

 Variation of Balance: Any variation from the Services as directed by the Couple will be in addition to the Balance and will be shown as additions or variations on the Statement of Fees.

 Payment for all variations/additions must be made within the timeframe of 1 month prior to the ceremony.

Secure Booking:

The Services will not be secured until the Booking Fee is paid in full; payment of the Booking Fee assumes acceptance of this contract

Payment of the Balance:

 The Balance (including any variations) must be paid to Glenys Searle on the earlier of:

One month prior to the Ceremony Date specified in the Contract.

If the Balance is not received within the timeframe of one month prior to the ceremony, Glenys Searle may cancel the Contract by giving written notice to the Couple and retain the Booking Fee and all other monies paid to Glenys Searle by the Couple.

Glenys Searle is under no obligation to provide the Services (or any part thereof) until the Balance is received.


 If the couple propose a change to the Ceremony Details (as specified in the Contract), then the couple must notify Glenys Searle of such change in writing.

 In these circumstances, Glenys Searle will make reasonable efforts to accommodate such change, however, if the new details conflict with Glenys Searle’s prior commitments then Glenys Searle may cancel the Contract and retain the Booking Fee and part of the balance.

If the Contract is cancelled less than six (6) months from the Ceremony Date specified in this Contract, the Couple will either: forfeit the Balance, if already paid; or be liable to immediately pay Glenys Searle the Balance, if not already paid.


 If the Ceremony is to be changed to an alternative venue for any reason whatsoever including due to inclement weather, then the couple must notify Glenys Searle of such change as soon as possible by telephone to ensure that he has sufficient time to travel to the alternative venue.

 Glenys Searle will not be held responsible for any delays in the Ceremony Time due to such change.


The Couple warrant to Glenys Searle that:

 They fully understand the legal requirements for entering into a valid marriage; and they are legally able to marry each other being over 18 years of age, not currently married to any other person and are not related to each other

 The Couple agree to: complete and provide to Glenys Searle a Notice of Intended Marriage within the time frame required by law or when requested by the celebrant.

 Provide Glenys Searle with all original documentation (identity, proof of birth and end of prior marriage if relevant) requested no less than seven (7) days before the Ceremony Date including any accredited translation documentation requested by Glenys Searle. If the Couple fail to provide all requested documentation to Glenys Searle within the specified timeframe, Glenys Searle is under no obligation to provide the Services and may cancel the Contract. In these circumstances, the Couple will forfeit all monies paid to Glenys Searle.

Communicate all of their expectations to Glenys Searle regarding the Ceremony no later than thirty (30) days before the Ceremony Date. If the Couple fail to provide any such details to Glenys Searle within the specified timeframe, all decisions regarding the content of the Ceremony will be left to the sole discretion of Glenys Searle.

 To kindly send me answers to any ceremony logistics or other questions I send you by the date requested to enable me to fulfil ceremony writing, editing, checking and printing in an appropriate timeframe which I have set out and to ensure there is ample time to ensure your ceremony is perfect. To respond to communication from me as soon as possible, as I will do with you.

 It is the responsibility of the couple to ensure that their other vendors and guests are complying with any government federal or state directives. The Celebrant will not be responsible for any non-compliance or action resulting of non-compliance.

 It is the responsibility of the couple to ensure they have purchased any necessary council/national park permits for the duration of their ceremony and have forwarded the approved permit to their celebrant and ceremony stylist.

 The parties agree to abide by the standing directions of any legal or governing authorities, and following any such measures in force at the time of the ceremony. This includes but is not limited to:

Environmental and other emergency restrictions

Community, Health and other related restrictions

Court imposed orders, or directives or mandates by the State government of Qld or the Federal government.

Any such failure to meet these obligations may result in significant delays or a forfeiture of Celebrant services and monies paid.

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